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All task forms (memes), sample tasks, red lines, task submissions, and the system in this group are protected by intellectual property rights. Any one not connected to the group could NOT use the materials here for whatever reason without permission.

!!! Joining is through invitation. so read on to know how to get invited. !!!


bunnyqueen09 :
I just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you! I am not sure if you'll remember me at all but I was one of the first students to join the group Gakuen-Manga when it started, sadly I couldn't continue.

But I just wanted to tell you how much that group had helped me out! It encouraged me to try new things and give more variety. Also it gave me a keen eye for spotting things to be changed. This group showed me different ways to practice and improve and it has seriously actually helped me with my life!

I was able to get a job illustrating for a child's book because my style was different, but the perspective and everything else (which I learned from this group and the tips from the members) was great enough for me to be picked! All throughout drawing for the book (just finished the second one of the series) I remembered everything this group taught me to the best of what I could.

I am also well on my way to going to an art school to continue illustrations possibly but also to study in animation or game design (I just can't decide!). But I was able to even get a scholarship for my art which this group had helped me with by helping me to improve!

People also tell me how much better I've gotten at proportions and shading which were the two big things that I needed help with and got help with through this group!

So I wanted to thank you for helping me and I hope that I'll be able to join this group again sometime because I know I can always improve and absolutely loved it, this was a great experience for me. So thank you for helping me! :)"

:bulletblue:A student will be expected to be COMMITTED, OPEN-MINDED, PUNCTUAL, HELPFUL and RESPECTFUL. Failure to be so can cause expulsion. Remember, the lessons are for free. All we ask for is your cooperation for the betterment of the group.

:star::star::star::star::star:READ EVERYTHING BEFORE JOINING!!!:star::star::star::star::star:

:bulletblue:Be ready for critiques AND be ready to give critiques :D Everything you submit here are automatically up for critisisms.

:bulletblue:The whole program from start to finish will be for 2 TERMS (3 months per term) or more depending on your rate of progress.

CURRENT TERM: June 30, 2013 - Sept. 30, 2013
ENROLLMENT PERIOD: May 21- June 30, 2013
There will be FOUR LEVELS in the school:

:bulletgreen:Freshmen- Fundamentals for Beginning Artists
:bulletyellow:Sophomores- Introduction to Dynamics for Intermediate Level Artists
:bulletred:Juniors- Colors, Light and Shadow for the Artist
:bulletblue:Seniors- Perspective and Impact for Skilled Artists

Upon joining, the founder will assign you to a level according to your skill and will send you a list of tasks that you should target to finish within the term.

:bulletblue:Students will have group mates to work with; the group will give critiques to each other- like a group study. A student group will help its members by each member having to give critiques to their group-mates to the best of their ability.

:bulletblack::bulletyellow::bulletred:CRITIQUE GROUPS (CG):bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

So, to monitor your critiques, the link below is a spreadsheet where you will need to paste the links of the deviations you critiqued per week. you should critique 5 links per week. I remind, failure to comply with this will cause me to give disciplinary action.… :bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:

Feel free to comment on other students' tasks- even if they aren't part of your CG.

AFTER each term, students are required to evaluate the teachers to get their final grades. Non-compliance will cause non-admission next term. A journal will be posted and evaluations will be posted there as a comment


Name of student:___________
Level: (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior)
Term: (1st/2nd/3rd/...)

Teacher being Evaluated: (name of teacher)

1. How was you learning experience with this teacher?
2. What were the strengths and weaknesses of this teacher?
3. What suggestions can you give so that he/she can improve?
4. Rate this teacher with stars from 1-5, 5 being the highest.
5. Other comments/suggestions:



Format of Title:

Task #: Task name, Revision #, this will help us monitor you and organize as well.

:bulletblue:Teachers will check the tasks submitted by the students, they will tell the student if they are to move on to the next or to repeat the task.

!!! Submit only to the folder of your level in the group. Only task memes are to be accepted. This is not a group to show off your works but for improving and learning.

:bulletblue:A task will be given (for each lesson assigned to a student) due on FRIDAYS. Yes, the submission will be weekly. 3 lates/ term = expulsion. Think of it that you have only one homework drawing per week. If that’s too much, Don't Join.

:bulletblue: It is also required of you to make a FOLDER for gakuen-manga tasks in your gallery so that we can also monitor the number of tasks you have submitted within the term. :)

:bulletblue: A SAMPLE TASKS folder is provided in the group gallery to show you what the advisers and coordinators would want to see in your work. Please check the samples before asking questions, most likely your questions will be answered when you look at the samples and read the artist's comments on them. ;)

please show respect to the admin. address them with their respective titles (HT/T)

Founder/ Head Teacher (HT) = HTred-on-gold
- address all concerns, suggestions and problems to the founder. Can give critiques, redlines etc. will accept members before the term starts. Plans the tasks and does revisions for the betterment of the group. Monitors coordinators and advisers.
- Will do critiques for the last task per level to monitor the advancing of students.

Teachers (T)
= TFlaming-Noodle, TTeacup-creations

- they give students critiques (in the form of a comment) and ratings (5 stars being the highest) follow the format of the evaluation form.
- Comment from Saturdays to Sundays. So students will have mondays - fridays to finish their tasks.
- they tell the student of their level whether they can move on to the next task or repeat the task.
-they can also give more detailed visual corrections by drawing over the student’s problematic area. just approach them or the head teacher for help.

-can be arranged with the admins (time and date), we will meet here if ever:



1. To apply as a student, note the group containing the terms of agreement below:

I, name of student, from place of residence will commit my time and effort to Gakuen-Manga for three months (one term). I will be committed, open-minded that I may improve my skills, punctual in submitting tasks assigned to me by my coordinator, helpful to my groupmates and respectful to the staff and all the members. I understand that my cooperation is essential to stay in the school. I will keep myself updated and knowledgeable about the group and its rules by reading the Rules/FAQ/ How to Join pane and group blog posts regularly. I will report anything about the group that seems problematic and make suggestions for the betterment of the group, all of these I will address to the founder.

I will help my critique-groupmates improve by giving them critiques to the best of my ability. We are a team.

I state that I fully understand my responsibility as a student and have read the rules stated by the group. I understand that failure to comply with the rules will cause my expulsion from the school.

I also commit myself to become a contributor to this group Gakuen-Manga (adviser/ coordinator) after graduating from this program.

Admission requirement:
2. -fill up this… and paste the link of the finished deviation here-

-name of student


*your place of residence is requested so we can know if there will be any situation (natural calamities, political crises) that would cause you not to be able to submit. Which we'd totally understand.

*** be sure that you have a copy of full body drawing of a person with a background that you drew BEFORE entering GM. that will be needed upon graduation.

3. UPON ADMISSION/ INVITATION, check out the Orientation… and make a folder in your gallery where you will put all your tasks in (although you still need to pass them to the correct folder in the group too)- this will make it easier for us to monitor how many you've done.


5. you can also make an avatar of your OC in our uniform and use it around deviantART to let others know that you are a student here :) Fanarts for the school can be uploaded to the STUDENTS' LOUNGE folder

6. DO NOT DELETE any of the tasks you made for the gakkuen. If you do, we will not re-accept you in the following term. thus, you can never graduate.

*To make a new folder in your gallery, go to your gallery, look at the left-most pane, click +New folder. And then rename that folder to "gakkuen-manga tasks". Submit all your tasks to this folder in your gallery AND to the group. thanks :D

Whether you decide to learn with us or just look around I welcome you to Gakuen Manga.

-:bulletred: Head teacher Red

Hello and Welcome!

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Hello! This is Red :) Hope you've been having a nice week.

This is the task counter. Here, the number of tasks you submitted will be displayed for transparent monitoring. you are supposed to have at least 7 (seven)  total submissions for week 7.

Remember, having 3 (three) less than the required may cause expulsion from the school. Please note this to prevent future conflicts regarding this.

10 Fashionablylatems
0+3 HopeReincarnated
6 ryuusei86
1 Sciintilla
1 Teacup-creations
4 tollykit

If you have any problems with completing the task or if I've made a mistake in the task counting, please feel free to tell me.

The * behind the task # indicates that your currently waiting on an evaluation.  

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Group Info

GAKUEN MANGA offers free manga drawing lessons. You only should be willing and committed to help others as we help you.

The group is designed for beginners to average manga-artists. The format is that of a school.

Manga will be defined as the pop art style of Japanese comics. also similar to anime-style

Why manga only?
We will focus on manga to make the lessons more narrowed down and focused. Although we acknowledge that all forms of art are beautiful.
Founded 5 Years ago
May 26, 2011


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So I can't submit this for the next task. I'm still working on fixing the mistakes in his face and left hand and will finish it with inks and markers soon. :)
Siraf Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am finally free! I'd love to join this group. Even though I'm going to Korea on holiday in 2 weeks, I'll still be able to do some drawings in the evenings. Going to submit my admission drawing soon! This group is great :) 
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Hello! Just commenting to say that I'll be joining again next term, if you'll accept me - life has kind of got in the way - but I'm looking forward to the next enrollment!
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Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I'll be applying, but my application might be late since I'll be out of town. Hope that's ok. ^^;
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I look forward to improving!

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I'm looking forward to learning with everyone once the new term starts! ^^
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Sorry! I uploaded task 3 yesterday but forgot to submit!
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I'm very tempted to do the GM meme again...o3o :heart:
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Hey! New member here :D
I know the term hasn't begun but if you don't mind I'd like some feedback on [link]
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Excuse me! I still don't really understand the admission piece. Does that mean we have to draw two pieces (the sketch and then the colored one) in one admission meme? I'm sorry if I missed anything.
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Naorina Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Hello there! I am interested in enrolling.. and will probably do so, once the enrollment date arrives. I was curious as to how many students you have, usually? Nothing specific, just wondering if this is a smaller or larger group. I was with another group that taught manga lessons, but died out very quickly, it was very small I believe. I don't even feel I was able to take anything from it, haha. I understand though, people have lives to live. I really like the idea of having group mates to talk with, I'll keep an eye on this till I can enroll.
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Is there anyway I can still join?
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This seems really interesting, I might consider joining :D
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